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"Another great book from the Rich Dad series. Andy simplifies basic investing techniques that serve [..] Read More"Kyle Geiger

"I love the way you take investing in the stock market and break it down [..] Read More"John Brauchler

"Stock Market Cash Flow is a wonderful tutorial and provides terrific insight into how to [..] Read More"Bret Cutler

"The 4 Pillars of Investing will give beginners to paper assets a solid foundation. It [..] Read More"Robert Bristow - Kent, UK

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Bad News on Warning Road Sign.

Is Bad News Really Good News?

Sometimes the market masks bad news as good news. Using the Four Pillars of Investing and developing technical skills to analyze the market…

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Broad Market Review – 4/6/15

The more a person learns about the four pillars of investing, the more important risk management becomes. Today in the market we saw…

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Take Six Months Off From Stocks?

A recent article from Bloomberg Business encourages investors to take a six-month holiday from the market. I have a few things I would…

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